Who is Ivan?

Ivan decided to leave the comfort of his desk in 2009 and made a dramatic career change in pursuit of his life long passion, mountaineering.

The dream of climbing the tallest mountains did not appear out of the blue. Ivan Braun has his whole life been fascinated of the mountains and about climbing. As a child he was always the one chosen last when creating soccer teams because he was that bad at it. But on the other hand he was the only one able to climb the gable on the local fire station.

As a young man Ivan had lots of job to earn money to climb mountains in the alps, when the money ran out, Ivan returned to work more till he was able to afford his passion again, this went by for a great amount of his young years.

Ivan was however obtained by career and family. He became an entrepreneur in a fast growing IT firm, but the desire for the mountains and climbing was still there. In 2010 Ivan had to realize that even though he was climbing mountains one or two times a year, this wasn’t enough. The mountains pulled in him.

He found him self caught between 2 seats, one that stringed him to the desk securing the growth of his IT company, and the other wanting him to climb mountains.


My vision is to be an honest, trustworthy and inspiring mountaineer and adventurer and to be recognized internationally as a spokesman for ”Follow your passion and you can not fail”.


My mission is to continuously to climb and explore remote parts of the world and create high impact inspiration to every stakeholder following my adventures.


My goal is easy – climb as many inspiring mountains as possible until 2028


11. feb 1968 in Copenhagen

Martial Status:

Married to Lisbeth
Father of Mads & Mikkel

Favorite Dish:

Home made Pasta


If you follow your passion
you can not fail


Complete mountain list

Want to see where Ivan has been?

Number of 8000'ers

Peaks above 4.000m

Vertical meters climbed

Liters of water




What is Ivan dreaming about?

The world is full of magnificent and wonderful mountains to climb, much more than a single person could ever dream to climb.

Future Plans >> EVEREST

Mount Everest

Ivan was supposed to climb Mt Everest from the north side, unsupported and without using bottled oxygen in the spring of 2015. Just 2 weeks before departure did he caught Pneumonia and was forced to cancel. Climbing Mount Everest requires good lungs, and if trying to climb it with Pneumonia would be bordering suicide.


Credits: “Everest North Face toward Base Camp Tibet Luca Galuzzi 2006″ by I, Luca Galuzzi. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

Time frame:

2015 or 2016

Mount Everest



First Ascent:



On the border of Tibet(China) and Nepal

Future Plans >>>Bolivia 6000

Bolivia 6000

Ivan has a vision to climb a string of peaks in Bolivia, all above 6.000m, including Nevado Sajame (the highest) to Illampo (the third highest), one of the most challenging peaks in Bolivia.


Credits: Ivan Braun

Time frame:

Summer 2016

Varios (Cord. Occidental & Real)



First Ascent:



Cord. Occidental & Real, Bolivia

Future Plans >>>Shishapangma

Shishapangma is not forgotten

Ivan went on expedition in autumn 2014, where the objective was a combo climb of Cho Oyu and Shishapangma. Unfortunately wasn’t it possible to climb Shishapangma that year, no one summited it that season. Ivan will return to climb it in the future


Credits:  Swinelin 

Time frame:





First Ascent:



Nyalam County, Tibet, China

Future Plans >>>Antarctica

Antarctica Expedition

Ivan is planning an expedition to the Sentinel Range in Ellsworth Mountains range in Antactica, where the objective will be to climb Mount Vinson & Mount Tyree, the two highest mountains in the continent. The climbs will be part of a mapping expedition.


Time frame:


Ellsworth Mountains


4.892m + 4.852m

First Ascent:



Sentinel Range, Anarctica


  • ivan-braun-stibo-systems

    I am honored and proud to be supported and financially sponsored by Stibo Systems. Without their generous support wouldn’t I be able to focus on my climbing.

  • Flightcases A/S produces and delivers a wide range of cases and bags to protect and transport your goods safely and easily. I am most thankful for their never-ending financial support since the beginning of my adventures, and all the cases and bags my climbing needs.

  • Outdoor Leadership Traning Center delivers second-to-none personal development and intensive leadership programs typically in Austria, Bosnia, France and Sweden. I am grateful for their financial support and being part of their program as an instructor.


I am grateful for all the wonderful people I have been surrounded with
and am thankful to have the support to continue my mission
of giving back by inspiring others to live life to its fullest!

For whatever reason I was given a new lease on life.
I was also blessed with a supporting family and friends to pursue my passion.
I don’t take this gift lightly.
These people make it possible for me to continue on adventures all around the world

Ready to summit?

Want to be part of some great ? Want to inspire thousands of people ? The answer is here, be part of Ivan's adventures.


Corporate Talks

What can a business or organization learn from mountaineering?

Facing the mountains requires an extraordinary mindset, as the chances of failure often are higher than success. You cannot decide to reach to the summit, as the mountain, weather and conditions decide. Get inspired to handle your corporate goals better as an organization, team and individual.

Schools & Colleges

It's ok to dream, succeed and fail

Courage, determination or goal setting isn’t topics that are picked up from books. It’s created from inspiration from either your surrounds or people you meet. Ivan is one of those rare individuals who instantly inspire people around him to do their best.


Ivans world

A little bit of everything

Why sponsor a mountaineer?

As someone who has climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world – including Mount Elbrus during winter, Cho Oyu (8201m), the 6th tallest mountain in the world and and more than 50 mountains on 4 different continents – I can attest to the unique mix of inspiration and...

Ivan is testing

Learn what Ivan has to say about the things he tries

Ruggear RG702 review

I have tested the RG702 on various mountain ranges in Europe and Africa, and it has already earned its post in my standard equipment list. In fact can’t I wait to bring it to Everest North side, where China Mobile claims to offer full 3G coverage all the way up...


Ivan Braun in the news

Ivan Braun is internationally acknowledged as a professional mountaineer and his mountaineering adventures are often followed by media coverage.

Here’s just a few..


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at the beginning of March this year, an international winter expedition to Mount Elbrus. March...

n February – March of this year, an international winter expedition to Elbrus! March 10...

Ivan Braun from Kerteminde returned Friday home from his latest expedition to one of the...

Ivan Braun is interviewed about his succesful winter ascent of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain...

The professional Danish climber Ivan Braun defied the weather gods and reached Tuesday the top...

The professional Danish climber Ivan Braun defied the weather gods and reached Tuesday the top...

The succesful winter ascent of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe is described in...

Ivan Braun is portrayed in the local newspaper of his hometown, Kjerteminde.

Ivan Braun was invited for a radio interview at the Danish national radiostation P3 in...


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