Review of The North Face Verto S4K boot.

When Bo from the North Face store in Odense told me about these boots for the first time, I thought to myself “That was about damn time that the North Face came into the game with a technical boot” and “No, it looks like a toy boot, why does the North Face call an colorful trekking boot for an Alpine boot?”

Oh well, the boot came home and I got a very positive surprise when the boot came on. The boot felt way different from the boots I have used earlier, and It almost wrapped itself around my foot like a running shoe. If that wasn’t enough, the boot is so light that it also feels like a running shoe. I immediately found my weight and weighed the shoe; a size 42 weighs 750g – which is in the light end of Alpine boots.

The tip is narrow and aggressive, you get the feeling of standing on your toes, and the heel feels like being locked in a soft pillow. I immediately felt that I wouldn’t get a blister on my heel in these boots, which the boot after several hundred kilometers has proven. The North Face calls it “Heal Cradle” – I call it amazing!

The boot is equipped with an VibramMULAZ sole which ensures a perfect grip on the rocks. The boot is a so called B2 boot. This means that the sole is a bit flexible and you have to make sure your crampons is qualified for B2/flexible boots. Grivel G12 or Air Tech is both great examples of qualified crampons.

I have tested and beaten these boots very well in the Alps and I am very happy. The boots are amazing for glacier use and the small amount of ice climbing I did offered a couple of Aha moments.

The actual boot/sole is completely flat, but the inner sole is a bit curvet, so when you frontpoint (use the front teeth on your crampons) you get a better grip than normally. The combination of this grip and the feeling of wearing a pair of running shoes brought out my smile.
However, the shoes doesn’t feel very warm and I have a hard time imagining, that they would be used after the autumn holiday for trips in the Alps.

If Verto S4K is The North Face’s first offer for their return to the Alpine boots, I can not wait to see their offer for a 6000m boot – Verto S6K which arrives sometime in autumn. The rumors even says that an 8000m boot is being planned.

The North Face Verto S4K is a perfect solution for a summer Alpine boot, and alone the feeling you get when sliding your foot down the boot for the first time, should sell the boot itself.

Price DKR 2.199,-
Weight(size 42) 750g


Hmmmm, Red and silver colored boots immediately makes you think about La Sportiva Trango Extreme Evo Light GTX (which infact is a full blood Alpine climbing boot) – and it is certain that La Sportiva has become a part of The North Face.[

your foot slides in the boot like a hand in a glove, and this feeling continues, whether you use the boot as a hiking boot, approach or on the way up. When the tip is facing downwards, they tightens a bit on the wrist without the heel being lifted in the boot.
For some weird reason the elastic shoelace jumps out of the outer “hook” when I use the boots and only on one of them, very strange but the reason that the boots doesn’t get 6 stars.

Value for the money
The boots is seen at 2.199,- at Friluftsland and The North Face shops – which is a very good price for a boot this nice and usefull.

The boot is overall of a very nice quality. There’s been petted for the stitches, The inner sole can of course be taken out and it hasn’t succeeded me in ripping the laces apart (despite of many attempts)

Combined assessment:
The North Face hits spot on with this nice, well prepared and feather light boot, which feels amazing and should dominate the market for summer alpine boots.[rating=5]

TNF Verto S4K Review - up closeThe North Face Verto S4K reviewThe North Face Verto S4K review



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