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Ivan Braun | There’s no Plan B

That was a standing joke between the motley crowd of mountaineers who was gathered in Kirgisistan 2012. Florian Hill from Addidas came up with the idea that the crowd reminded of the movie “The A-team” and their motto were “There’s no plan B”

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Ivan Braun tests Haglofs Lizard Jacket

Where do you start with this great softshell from Haglofs (yet another), Haglofs Lizard jacket is a definite success in every outdoor wardrobe, regardless if it’s a trip to the fell, to the woods, on the boat or something completely different. The jacket is best suited under activities, due to...

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Mini “toy” compass

When Jens from asked me to test the mini compass from silva, their Metro model, I was surprised. By the first look this looks like a toy and I had a hard time not laughing when thinking that I, as a mountaineer at any time should find this peace of toy handy. Oh well, I gave it a chance and have had it with me on a couple of trips here in the spring.

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