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What makes Kilimanjaro so great? Many people ask me that question, and my answer is "Its magnificent" One of the things I want to highlight in this article is the climate change - a condensed trip from the equator to the North Pole in just a few days. Awesome

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Ivan Braun | Sponsored and then what ?

I’m often met with the question “Does it feel like having sold something of you, by being sponsored?” and actually did this thought never occur to me before I was asked. I have always seen the sponsors as an expression of teamwork between two or more partners. In my sponsorships I only encounter respect where I and my projects are treated with respect. And the other way around, I am aware of me being a platform of exposure, where I must provide with words, histories, pictures and videos from my universe.

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Review of Mont Blanc written by Bo Belvedere

Ever since I climbed Mont blanc the first time in 1983, where I freezing and hopeful in company with my 2 more experienced Alpine buddies, Claus and Stig step by step fought my way to the top in headwind and drifting. This mountain has had a special place in my...

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