Ivan Braun explains why Everest 2015 is post proned

Hello everyone..

I write this to tell you that my expedition to the top of Mount Everest unfortunately has been delayed a couple of months.

I have been afflicted with a malicious Pneumonia with presumed Pleurisy, on my right lung. My doctor has strongly advised me against trying to climb Mount Everest at this point, and certainly not without the use of bottled oxygen.

The pneumonia has resulted in my lung capacity not being near where it should be, to complete the expedition.

I have considered this countless times, but in reality the decision is not difficult at all. To have a dream and a goal to climb the highest mountain in the world without the use of bottled oxygen requires courage, responsibility and especially a physique in perfect condition.

As a professional mountaineer I cannot ignore the responsibility for my team, for my family and for my own sake. I am compelled to act in accordance with my beliefs and values.

The illness is nothing but a temporary obstacle for me, and I will not change my values on the basis of an obstacle.

On the mountain, as elsewhere in life, it may be necessary to change your plans to ensure your values and responsibilities.

This is obviously a huge disappointment, and no one is as disappointed as I am. But fortunately for me, I am surrounded by sympathetic friends, professional partners and a loving family.

Now, as always – I am looking forward.

Ivan Braun

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