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Mount Elbrus is with its 5.642m the highest peak in Europe, and one of the Seven Summits. It's located just in Russia only a few kilometers from the border of Georgia. Though Elbrus is the highest summit in Europe, it is one of the technically easiest of the higher peaks on the continent and it is the tenth most prominent in the world.

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Cho Oyu is the 6th highest peak in the world (8.201 meter) and is part of the Greater Himalaya, where the central Asia plateau meets the Indian subcontinent. It is located on the Tibet and Nepal border and is the westernmost major peak of the Khumbu sub-section of the Mahalangur Himalaya, just 20 km west of Mount Everest.

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Review of Brunton Solaris 4 watt USB solar panel

Life in the mountains is undeniable a whole lot easier when you are self-sufficient, and power is no exception in these digital times. I have earlier used another solar panel from another vendor before Søren from Fenix Outdoor gave me the solar panel from Bruntons, a Brunton solaris 4 watt USB solar panel

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