Review of Brunton Solaris 4 watt USB solar panel

Life in the mountains is undeniable a whole lot easier when you are self-sufficient, and power is no exception in these digital times. I have earlier used another solar panel from another vendor before Søren from Fenix Outdoor gave me the solar panel from Bruntons, a Brunton solaris 4 watt USB solar panel

The panels consists of 4 solar cells “spaces” which more or less is printed on a rubber mat. This doesn’t only make the weight really light, 178 gram, but it also makes the panel flexible and bendable. You can always find space for your solar panel in your bag pack or buckle it onto it on a trip.

The power comes out through an USB port and the output is 5v/800 mA, which is enough for all the digital equipment I carry on me (Iphone, satellite telephone, camera) because the power is coming out through an USB port, your partner is also able to charge his equipment.

I have had the panel buckled onto my bag pack in different kinds of weather on Kilimanjaro (sun, tremendous rain etc.) without problems. The panel is waterproof except from the USB plug(which can be “hidden” from the rain by bending the panel)

Brunton Solaris 4 watt USB solar panel was a vital equipment on my Cho Oyu expedition.

In 2014 did I climb the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyu (8.201m) and once again did I use the Brunton Solaris panel. The reason why I bothered to carry it all the way to camp 4 was:

  • Low weight
  • Flexible
  • High durability
  • Reliable (even in clouded/snowing weather)


  • CIGS solar cells
  • Output: 5v/800mA through USB
  • Can charge directly to the device or battery pack
  • Waterproof except from the USB plug
  • Measurements: 22,8 x 63,5 cm expanded. 13 x 23 x 1,5 cm folded up.
  • Weight: 178 grams

Never leave home without it…:)

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