Why sponsor a mountaineer?

As someone who has climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world – including Mount Elbrus during winter, Cho Oyu (8201m), the 6th tallest mountain in the world and and more than 50 mountains on 4 different continents – I can attest to the unique mix of inspiration and awe that comes from standing on top of a legendary mountain and contemplating one’s place in the world.

Photo: Ivan Braun on the summit of (Cho Oyu 8.201m, the 6.th highest mountain the world. The summit of Everest is in the background)

Top of the world

That’s the reason why so many brands use scenes from the top of mountains to advertise their products. Have you ever seen the auto commercials where a tough, rugged vehicle makes it to the top of a snowy mountain, as proof of its power, endurance and reliability?

Or how about the consumer brands that use playful scenes from the top of mountains to symbolize the youthful energy and inspiration that comes from being at the top of the world?

Or, finally, how about the pharmaceutical manufacturers that use images of peaks, valleys and mountains in their advertisements as powerful metaphors for the effects of their drugs, which they claim can restore youthful vitality and act as powerful stimulants for the body’s metabolism?

There’s a good reason why I’m talking about automakers, consumer goods companies and pharmaceutical companies even if this post is about mountaineering.

Top of mind

That’s because those same automakers, consumer goods company and pharmaceutical brands could realize even greater benefits through sponsorships of people actually climbing those mountains rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – if not millions of dollars – coming up with expensive TV advertisements featuring impressive shots of mountains that only a small percentage of viewers may actually associate with their brands six months later.

Remember – today’s media advertising environment is a highly fragmented space. Given the proliferation of digital devices and viewing platforms, the chances of any ads being seen by the right target demographic at the right time are basically slim to none. Moreover, the costs of converting viewers into buyers are sky-high. And the attention span of today’s audience – which now gets its information via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube rather than traditional TV – is dwindling rather than increasing.

That’s why the sponsorship of a mountaineer could make a big difference for many brands.

Imagine being able to get your brand in front of the world’s top athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts at the exact moment when they are most engaged and receptive to your message. Imagine being part of the remarkable journey that starts from the planning of each expedition and continues for months at a time, at destinations around the globe.

Imagine being a trusted brand that people know is being used by professional athletes at the very top of their game. When you’re on top of the world, you only want the very best – the best gear, the best nutrients and the best outdoor equipment. Settling for anything less than the best could be the difference between success and failure, or even worse.

In short, companies can bring their brands to life with the sponsorship of a mountaineer. They can change the way their brands are perceived by others and can differentiate their brands from other competitors. Imagine being part of the climb to a mythical mountain such as Kilimanjaro with live social media updates during the preparation of the climb and daily responses from a highly focused audience for months at a time.

Sponsorship has exploded in volume, for a good reason.

There’s a reason why the sports sponsorship space has exploded in recent years — it’s such a highly targeted way to build customer loyalty and build brand perceptions. That’s the reason that brands such as Vodafone have expanded from sponsoring football clubs to sponsoring F1 racing teams.

It’s also the reason why extreme sports athletes are now in high demand the world over. And it could be the reason why the world’s most popular brands will start to sponsor the world’s top mountaineers as they go about making their mark on the world, across every continent and in every country that has a mountain that has ever inspired people to look up and ponder the impossible.


For more on his lifelong quest to conquer the world’s most fearsome peaks, or to find out how you can become a sponsor of this inspirational journey, visit his personal website: www.ivanbraun.dk or contact ivan@ivanbraun.dk

About Ivan Braun

Ivan Braun, a professional mountaineer, adventurer and motivational speaker, is committed to climbing some of the most notorious mountains around the world, including Everest, K2, exploring and mountaineering in Antarctica and much more.

When Ivan Braun is not exploring remote mountain ranges around the world is he working as a guide on Kilimanjaro, where he helps his clients to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Aside from climbing mountains, and guiding on Kilimanjaro is Ivan Braun a motivational speaker, inspiring people to reach their goals or increase their mental strength.

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