For some climbing mountains can simply be a metaphor used for overcoming life’s obstacles, for others it can be a hobby that they try to tackle on the weekends in-between their mundane, daily routines; for Ivan Braun climbing mountains is more of a core need he must satiate than even a passion he entertains. Ivan is a professional mountaineer, lecturer, and tour guide currently based out of Funen, the third-largest island of Denmark.

Throughout the years he has tackled an impressive array of peaks; WeiSshorn, Dom, Mt Blanc, and the legendary Matterhorn were all checked off of Ivan’s list at an early age (More than 20 Alp peaks in fact). He has since added some of the most challenging mountains on the planet.

His love of climbing has now manifested into an inspirational life mission. Ivan founded the project, “From Sofa to Everest in 5 Years”. The purpose of this new venture is to use his climbing as a motivational and inspirational project aimed at the general public with the message that anything is possible if you simply dare to do it. His mission is to continuously climb and explore remote parts of the world and create high impact inspiration for every stakeholder following his adventures. He hopes to climb as many peaks as possible until 2028. Over the next three years, he has packed his climbing calendar with a series of spectacular climbs, First Ascents in Kyrgyzstan, Ice climbing in Siberia, all 6000+ meter mountains in Bolivia in one season, and the first Danish person to climb the two highest peaks on Antarctica in one expedition.

The culmination of the project will be the climb of the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest from the North-Side without the luxury of assistance above basecamp, and without artificial oxygen. When Ivan reaches the top of Mount Everest he becomes the first Dane ever to reach the top without the use of artificial oxygen. By climbing Mount Everest Ivan wants to prove that anything is possible for the “ordinary” man, he just has to dare to dream and stand by them.

Ivan Braun left the comfort of his desk in 2010, reset his mountain CV and decided to follow his passion

Full Mountain CV




Mount Elbrus
Highest mountain in Europe
First Danish Winter Ascent


Cho Oyu
Sixth highest mountain in the world
9.th Danish Summiter

Ala Archa
First Ascent on unnamed Peak


Tharpu Chuli
First Danish Ascent

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